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新型コロナ対策を行っております。受診される方は受付で検 温をおこなっております。
 また2週間以内に県外渡航歴ある方は症状の有無に関係なく受診を延期していただいて おりますのでよろしくおねがいします。


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診療時間 open 月 mon 火 tue
水 wed
木 thu
金 fri
土 sat
日 祝 sun
9:00~13:00 × ×
15:00~18:30 × ×

ヤ ラデンタルクリニックの理念


1 院内感染をおこさない・・・常に清潔な状態で診療できるように器具は滅菌・消毒を徹底しています。
2 歯の神経は可能なかぎり残す・・・・・神経のある歯は破折がおきにくいので長持ちします。
3 歯周病の治療に位相差顕微鏡を用いて治療後に再び歯周病が悪化しないようにします。

上 記3点を中心にして歯科診療をおこなっております。

For first visiter

At Yara dental Clinic, First dental visitor, please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your actual appointment time. There is some initial paperwork that needs to be completed. Depending on the day of the week, your dental cleaning will be done by one of our experienced dental hygienists, assuming your gums (gingivitis) are healthy.

Your first dental appointment will usually require a panoramic x-rays and just 2 bite-wings, depending, of course, on your individual needs or your insurance coverage.
Our digital x-ray system is very superior one. Radiation exposure is 1/10th less than traditional one
These x-rays will help Dr.Yara identify many things that are invisible to the naked eyes, even with the help of magnification. Some of the things identified by x-rays include: inter-proximal decay, infection of the roots, and jaw bone destruction.
These are some of the most common diseases among patients  

After the x-rays are taken and your teeth polished, Dr.Yara will perform a very thorough examination of the mouth Then he will take the time to discuss the results of the exam as well as address any questions or concerns you may have Your dental cleaning will be performed by either Dr.Yara or one of our hygienists. 
If your oral hygiene has not been well-maintained, ( if you haven’t been flossing everyday) your gums can easily become inflamed and infected.  This is what we call gum disease.  Many adults’ people have some form of gum disease, including gingivitis.  Dr.Yara will discuss ways to combat the gum disease including scaling and deep cleaning and home care. We also have video clips available that we can show you in order to help you understand some of the problems or treatments with which you are not familiar.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact us.




Infomation of our clinic

店舗名Clinic Name Yara dental Clinic
office hours
Open Monday to Saturday 09:00~18:30
(last appoint 17:45)

Close   Sunday ,National holidays Wednesday afternoon
Telephone No 098-936-7515
Fax No
Address 〒904-0116 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町北谷 2-17-6 RYO MANSION 103F

2-17-6 RYOMANSION 103F
chatan city nakagami distract okinawa Japan
zip code 904-0116
ご予約Reservation Online reservationよ り24時間受付中です
URL https://www.yaradental.com
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